Stickers on the door with wow-effect!

Hall, street, room doors decor with beautiful door stickers, which are made according to your door size.
It looks really gorgeous, isn’t it?
How to leave the room without opening it? This task is not easy, but it can be done with the help of photo wallpapers! Door stickers will transport you to other worlds. It’s up to you either to wander around the town, see the sights, swim in the sea, catch multicolor butterflies or to dream looking at the bottomless sky? Or even surf the space?
Everything is possible, the only thing that you need is to choose a sticker.

Door stickers

Decorating life

Photo stickers on self-adhesive vinyl film will help you mask the entrance to the room and cheer your near and dear ones with unexpected appearance of red English call-box instead of interior door. A cheerful hotel would be a visiting card of your hospitable home decorating the front door! Or wouldn’t it be great if the bathroom door became a portal to spring Paris hidden under a decorative sticker? Your efforts will certainly be rewarded with delight of others, go for it on Nikkel Art!

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Door stickers

Two years guarantee against discoloration.
Our stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl adhesive film with ecological paints for indoor premises.
The durability of the street photo stickers is 3-5 years, in a heated room with gentle care it is unlimited, and stickers can serve over the course of decades.
It takes one day for adhesive layer to get stuck to the surface. Once you place it on the door, reuse is impossible. Gluing should be at a temperature above 10 degrees.
A door stickers are covered with a protective film in order to prevent mechanical damage as it allows you to wash it thoroughly. Moreover, the additional protective film facilitates the process of sticking due to film thickness.

Door Bram